2021 COSECSA Examinations

WISA is happy to announce that the big number of women are joining surgery training in COSECSA, and the number is increasing year after year, this year about 55 women will sit for their COSECSA exams where 34 will sit for membership exams and 21 will sit for fellowship exams in different specialties.  WISA is inviting more women to join the Surgery Training Programmes that are offered by COSECSA to increase the number of women surgeons in Sub Saharan Africa.

FCS-Cardiothoracic Surgery1
FCS- General Surgery2
FCS- Neurosurgery1
FCS-Orthopedic Surgery5
FCS- Otorhinolaryngology1
FCS- Paediatric Surgery6
FCS- Plastic Surgery3
FCS -Urologic Surgery2
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