Mentorship Programme – How It Works

How the Mentorship Programme Works:

This Programme creates a WiSA mentor/mentee match. Mentors will be partnered with Mentees for a minimum of one year and requires a time commitment of 1.5 hours per month. WiSA will provide a short induction training on the mentor/mentee process at the start of the Programme.

The mentee needs to contact the mentor to set up a phone or Skype conversation in January 2016. Contact information will be provided by WiSA. We will contact you to ensure that this has occurred.

We expect that each mentor/mentee pair will generate a goal for the year. This goal may include participation in WiSA or a local WiSA chapter, attendance at the COSECSA AGM, participation/attendance in country surgical meetings, or simply monthly discussions on relevant predetermined topics. Some topics that you may wish to discuss include the following:

  • Being a Woman in Surgery
  • Balancing Work and Life/Family
  • Specialty/sub-specialty Training
  • Advancing in a Surgical Career
  • Networking, Research and Academic collaborations

Each mentor/mentee pair will define, at their discretion, the structure of their interactions- timing, method (email, phone, in person, etc). We will be contacting mentor/mentee pairs to encourage continued interaction.

An online exit survey will be available for mentor/mentee pairs to complete at the end of their year-long experience. This survey will be administered towards the end of November 2016.

After the one year period has expired, participants may wish to continue their mentor/mentee interactions in an informal manner, re-enroll in the mentoring program as part of a new mentor/mentee pairing, or decline any further participation.

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