All applicants for WiSA membership shall complete the online application (or paper version) and submit it with any required dues. Membership in this organisation is continuous with payment of all dues and assessments. Membership will be on an anniversary basis and is renewed annually

New Members

1. Jocelyn Mutwiri-Kenya

Current WiSA Members


One year renewable.


Three years renewable.


Five years renewable.

benefits of wisa membership


Mentorship can significantly benefit women surgeons. Peer mentors can guide women surgeons to succeed in their careers and in their family lives. To become a mentor or mentee please contact

Community Network

Engagement with fellow women surgeons can greatly enhance the experience of women surgeons. Sharing lessons learning and engaging on common issues benefits women surgeons by providing support and encouragement across a range of issues.


WiSA awards and scholarship programmes will be offered annually (subject to funding) to women surgeons who have excelled in their field and advanced the position of women surgeons. For more information on available awards/scholarships, see here.

Training & Resources

WiSA will offer professional development courses for women surgeons at the AGM and a wide range of education/information tools will also be available on the WiSA website